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march 30- april 2, 2017

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The 2017 Super Billiards Expo Wednesday Warm-Up Kickoff Event
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The 25th Annual Super Billiards Expo

The Super Billiards Expo, from Allen Hopkins Productions, is the largest consumer oriented billiards trade show in the world! Introduced in 1993, the show continues to grow every year and thousands of poolplayers from around the world reunite annually to enjoy this billiards extravaganza.

In addition to housing over 150 booths of the industry's best cuemakers, manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers - the Super Billiards Expo also features 8 different divisions in its Amateur Players Championship series of events. Anyone can come play; no handicaps, no teams, no league memberships required - just bring your cue and your best game. The Super Billiards Expo is also home to the TAP League's annual Rally in the Valley event, which brings in over 1000 TAP League members for a competitive and fun-filled weekend.

Visitors also get the opportunity to watch some exciting pro action! The Super Billiards Expo features three different professional and pro-am events for spectators to enjoy. The world’s best shooters compete in the Diamond Open 10-Ball Professional Players Championship. There is a women’s division, The Diamond Women’s Open 9-Ball Professional Players Championship, and a Pro-Am One-Pocket Professional Players Championship as well.

In addition to the myriad of events produced by Allen Hopkins and his staff, there are also vendor-specific events to find and enjoy as well, such as the Professor Q-Ball Invitational USBA National Qualifier and the 3-Cushion Open.

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