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march 30- april 2, 2017

The 2017 Super Billiards Expo Wednesday Warm-Up Kickoff Event
starts in:


When you visit the Super Billiards Expo, not only do you get the opportunity to shop from industry leaders and compete in the largest open amateur event in the world, but you also get to watch some of the world's best shooters compete in a series of professional events!

As a visitor at the Expo, you'll have the opportunity to visit the Professional Arena and watch the following competitors battle it out for the championship.

There is a Pro Arena on the general show floor where the One-Pocket Pro Players Championship will be held, as well as some matches from the 10-Ball event, and there is a separate and secluded Professional Arena that requires an additional ticket. We'll be offering General Admission and VIP seating in the Pro Arena.

Who's Competing this Year?

You can use the link to the right to check out the full roster of players. Continue reading below to see highlights of some of the players you can watch this year. We are working on gathering photos and details from all players, we'll post more as we have them. If you are a player, feel free to email us your bio and pictures here: info@superbilliardsexpo.com

Borana Andoni

Judie Wilson

Finished 2016 in the Top 8 on the JPNEWT Regional Tour. Has qualified multiple years for the WPBA Regional Tour Championships, and qualified this year for the NAPT Division 2 Championships. Qualified for two NAPT Division 1 Pro events in 2016.

Judie was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, currently living in Dunkirk MD. She had a successful career in Mainframe Computer Systems Programming before dedicating her time to pool. Judie is an avid rock music fan, was on a club (SAY Soccer) regional championship soccer team as a teenager, and was also a competitive springboard diver in her teens.

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