The next Super Billiards Expo will be April 14-17, 2016at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks in Oaks, PA.

The exhibitors open at 11am each day. They must remain open until at least 8pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. All exhibitors close at 5pm on Sunday. Some exhibitors have the option to stay open past 8pm the first three days, and many do choose to stay open - but they are only required to be open until 8pm.

Tickets are available for the Super Billiards Expo at the main box office, located immediately inside the Convention Center.

Tournament play extends beyond the Exhibitor display hours.

The schedule shown below is from the 2015 Expo
As the show draws near we will update the information for 2016. This schedule is provided to give you a basic idea of what to expect, as the schedule is GENERALLY the same year to year, with some minor adjustments

If you cannot see the PDF file in the viewing box below,
Please use this link to access the PDF file directly for viewing.


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